Home, quilt, paper or apparel, M.Kellett brings a fresh, flexible sensibility to the category. Looking for original collections? Have an idea or image that you'd like to expand into a collection? Need a few holes filled in an existing collection? It can be done!

Decades of experience in

print design and interiors ensure a professional grasp of your needs.

There's lots more where all this came from! Call or email to see more.

"Michele is a talented designer with a point of view honed by a career that includes graphic design for all media, interior design for real clients and surface design for paper goods and textiles. She brings it all together in her witty and intelligent designs."

                               Pat Nugent

                               Patricia Nugent Textiles

Contact: michele@mkellettpattern.com or 206-930-6627

All images, designs and repeats copyright Michele Kellett